Lynne Gorman


Education and Training

WE ARE smart. Knowledge is power and to be a Keller Williams Realty Dallas City Center agent is to never stop learning throughout your career. Education is an essential part of the Keller Williams Realty culture of success, and our success benefits our buying and selling clients, as well as our agents. We believe in the philosophy that any endeavor must be WIN-WIN for both parties...and with our commitment to making education pay off in the form of business results, nobody loses!

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Keller Williams Realty utilizes a 3-Tiered Training Program with courses and programs offered at each of the three levels: Local, Regional and International. The value of this approach is that there is a continuous stream of learning opportunities for our agents to build, enhance and sharpen their skills in a variety of areas ranging from how to build and manage a successful real estate business to tactical knowledge related to transactions, marketing and client services. Also by combining these training opportunities across different venues and locations (including online learning) the perspectives and knowledge transfer is enhanced, since it takes into account conditions, circumstances and experiences of the over 73,000 agents throughout the Keller Williams family.

Core components of the Keller Williams Training Program include:

Family Reunion – our annual convention. This 4-day event is packed with the latest training and trends in the real industry, plus invaluable networking opportunities.

Mega Camp – our learning and networking event for top producing agents and KW leadership. This fast moving week of seminars with mastermind panels, top guest speakers, and real estate legends, delivers the latest tools and strategies for your real estate challenges.

Masterminds – the MAPS institute offers ever-expanding mastermind sessions in Austin that include peer-to-peer round table and best practice discussions for market center leadership. Each Agent masterminds delivers exciting, enlightening sessions on industry trends, sales strategies, and the latest technology.

CAMP 4-4-3 – our launch course for new agents, Creating Agent Maximum Productivity with 4 listings, 4 buyers in 3 months is a guide to their quick success. Mastering customer service at a high level is the backbone of a successful agent, and this intense course reveals the basic sales and customer service skills, models and systems to help them thrive.

Lead Generation 36-12-3 – this 3 week intense lead generating course can take the agent and their business to a whole new level. 36 transactions in 12 months with 3 hours of lead generation a day creates success at the highest level.


Building Careers Worth Having, Businesses Worth Owning, Lives Worth Living.